My MIKU has FINALLY arrived!!!

Posted on: August 27, 2008

After a long and somewhat anxious wait, my MIKU has FINALLY arrived. Actually she arrived at my doorstep last Friday but I forgot to update till today. She has been in transit for 4 weeks and, to date, the longest time I had to wait for any package. For all of my goodies from HLJ, I choose SAL shipping option as most of you already know, it’s the cheapest but the longest compared to EMS.


Random Miku artwork. So cute :3

Back in the past, I use to receive their packages within 1.5 – 2 weeks. Rarely I still do, but now the minimun wait is at least 3 weeks. There was once where I received a package in a week after it was shipped. I was quite surprised as I thought it will usually take at least 1.5 weeks. Looks like I consider myself lucky on that day. Usually if it doesn’t come after the 3rd week, I tend to get worried. In Miku case, I had a vision of her sinking towards the depths of the ocean but I’m very happy she’s in my hands now. ^_^

I haven’t had time to play with her as I’ve been busy lately. Will do soon.
Looks like I will have to get her friends to keep her company. ^^

How long was your longest wait and for what or who?


9 Responses to "My MIKU has FINALLY arrived!!!"

Coming in 3rd week is still considered to be fast for SAL shipment in Indonesia. My figma Haruhi came 30days after shipment (free from custom).
And my Reinforce came 45days after shipment because it was held by custom and they forgot to give me a noticement about that.

cute cute cute cute cute! cute cute cute cute cute! cute cute cute cute cute!

saves artwork as well. lol any idea where it came from?

Well, I did have an order that didnt even make it to my doorstep. It was Xecty.
After 7weeks of waiting, I notified PA and they refunded me.

I think the longest order for anything I’ve ever experienced was a month and a half. It was for some MTG cards, back when I had to pay by money order. The next longest and most recent one was from a store called Anime Wild. I got a wall scroll, pin and my son’s Chi plush. It took just over a month to arrive, after processing almost immediately. Never buying from them again..

grats on the get ^_^ lots of my orders are either shipping from the same state (even with cheap shipping orders usually arrive in about a week), or ems when international ^^; for my last order i finally went the economical route with SAL, so we’ll see how that goes. i think an ebay order or two may have been sal, but those all arrived in about 2 weeks.

sooo lucky!! I havea miku pre-ordered at kidnemo, and i have to wait a couple of months more! but will be worth it ^_^
the two figures i’ve ordered from HLJ have always come a week after ordering, I have another on the way atm so I wonder if it will be here on monday >_<

Wow, I didn’t know that. Looks like some countries have to wait longer than me even though u maybe closer. Usually, the packages gets clearance from custom within a day.

@Anonymous Coward
Welcome. Nice to find u here. ^^
I think ur use to ppl saying this as ur comment went into my spam box. -_-
The image came for e-shuushuu. I linked under my “Other Communities” box.

Dam that suxs. Glad PA understands and offered refund.

Thanks for the tip. I now know where not to shop. ^^

With orders from ebay, I tend to go with the EMS route as it’s tracked and registered. That way, I have proof the package is not deliberate lost and I can easily get a refund from the seller.

Lucky you. I still wish I get my packages within a week. U won’t be disappointed when u get her. Honestly. ^^

Mikuuuuuuuuuuuu (L)

well my longest shipping in SAL was like 4 months ? :p

it was for a game ^^

I rarely order in SAL because it’s 3 weeks at the best for me …

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