Holo ~The Wise Deity Wolf~

Posted on: August 15, 2008

1/8 scale Holo by Kotobukiya

It’s been a while since I did my last review but things are getting back on track so I present you Holo from the series Spice and Wolf by Kotobukiya.
This is my first review done within, just over a week in acquiring her. I could have done the review sooner but I was missing some items I wanted to try. I’m willing try out new ideas weather it’s gonna be a success or a failure in the end.

The backdrop is the same where I did my Tsuruya-san review so in conclusion the shoot was done in the same room as Tsuruya-san but this time, there was a lot more light as it was sunny outside. One of the reasons why I don’t have a custom setup is because I lack the equipment for it. I don’t have the right lamps, plus the right light bulbs, the right size of colour paper and/or white paper. Sure I can go out and buy them but I rather spend that cash on extra figmas to keep me happy. xD
Overall, I leave these setups and shoots to the professionals who know what they are doing and how they can get the most out of it. I just do my own thing while applying new ideas to make the shoot more creative. ^^ (Well… I try to =D)

About the figure, well from my understanding the sculpt is based on the artwork of Holo and not from the series. I find some people didn’t like the design as she doesn’t look as cute from the series and/or the face is kinda off from the series etc. etc. Well, I fell in love with her before I even heard anything about the series. It was one of those ‘love at first sight’ moments when I first laid eyes on her on the Wonfes (Winter) images. After when I finished the series, I loved her even more so it was “MUST GET” in my list. Thinking about it, I don’t even know why I canceled her in the first place. -_-
As for the sculpt in general, marvelous. Seriously, Kotobukiya is really pulling out the good stuff at a decent price. Back in the past, there has been a few issues with their sculpture quality but now, they seems to have learnt from their mistakes and the quality of figures keeps rolling out. Still, that doesn’t mean the figure is flawless as I have picked out 2 major ones where I will mention later on.

As for the anime series, I loved it and you will too but if action and drama is what you like, you won’t find it here but for adventure lovers, its perfect. I would suggest to give it a go but I know it’s not for everyone.

Flaw No. 1 was attaching her onto the base. It took me a good 30mins to push her right shoe down as it was almost a centimeter too short. Even though her left leg was removable to give way for a better fitting, that made little difference. As you can see, her left shoe is still not completely attached onto the base. I’m unsure if this is a manufacturing flaw or it was designed like that. -_-
On the plus side, I like the base. ^^

The tail is removable
The tail is removable

Holo Favourite
Holo Favourite :3

Yep. The missing items were apples. I find the shoot would be incomplete without them. Besides, they are Holo favourite food. xD

Without her skirt

Without her skirt

The castoffability is her skirt only. If you were expecting pantsu, then you will sadly be disappointed. Besides, wolf doesn’t wear pantsu in the first place. lol

I like the ruffles. Very detailed indeed and that dark edges within the curves are part of the paint job and not actual dirt.

The 2nd flaw, her attachment between her upper and lower body is not complete. If you look at her directly straight and from there upwards, you won’t see it but anything lower, it’s clear as day. It’s a complete fit when the skirt is attached as it’s not visible but without it, it’s a different story. I personally don’t mind because I have her wearing her skirt. I prefer it that way because I like it that way. ^^
Looks like a manufacturing defect in my opinion.

For people who are still interested, HLJ has her on ‘backordered’ so there is a chance you can acquire her if your lucky before they are unable to get any more supplies in.
Hobby Search still has her available.


11 Responses to "Holo ~The Wise Deity Wolf~"

Nice photos especially the ones with the apples ^^. Quite a big of gap between upper and lower body ^^;; but with her skirt on , it should be ok. I prefer her with her skirt on too.

I really need to give the anime a try too -_-;; but I might not like it since it looks like a ‘slice of life’ anime.

I havent seen Spice&Wolf yet so i dont know if this figure fits the Character…but i like how she look so innocent and pure.

Did you add the rug to the base or did it come this way?
I like your pictures.No need to complain about them.

Nice pics , the one with the apples made me smile ^^

And you’re right , the base is quite nice :)

And yes , Koto are getting better lately , i love them :o

Wow awesome photo shoot Optic, the apples were definitely a nice touch and was very unique=3

As for her, she’s wonderful, the sculpt looks very nice and I have to agree, Koto does seem to be getting better^^ Her mouth looks, idk a little too long but she still rocks XD, I much prefer her with the skirt too^^ and the base is cool,furry grass, another uniqueness :P Awesome figure, splendid shoot^^

Thanks. Do check the anime out as u never know if u like it or not. It’s worth a try.

The furry material is part of the base. It’s meant to represent the grass field. I think they did a good job with that. Kinda bias really as I like custom base no matter how they turn out. ^^

Thanks. Get her, she looks nice. xD

Thanks. I think her mouth looks fine. She has a nice simile. It makes me happy everytime I look at her. ^^

Her torso looks too long when in non-skirt mode.
Well, i’ve seen this on my koto figures too. Thats why I diplayed them with skirt on >_<

Nice photos Gaz…the ones with apple really made me smile, lol. Great one xD

Displaying her with her skirt on is the best option. She looks normal. No funny bits and pieces shown.

lol. Glad u liked it. xD

oooo her facial expression is really cute

nice touch with the apples and interesting base with the rug.

i think the shot will look better if the background is of a different colour cos the background colour looks identical to the dress holo is wearing.

other than that it’s a good shot nevertheless considering this was done without a setup. i could never get decent indoor shots. ^^;

Welcome. Hope u enjoy ur stay.
I agree. I love her. ^^

Thanks for ur opinion.
I might take her out and do an outdoor shoot in the near future. This time with more apples and a better scenery.

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