Sydney SMASH! 2008

Posted on: August 5, 2008

On August 2nd 2008, I attended SMASH! for the first time this year. Well basically, SMASH! “The Sydney Manga and Anime Show” is a mini event celebrating Japanese animation and comic culture at the University of NSW in the Roundhouse. Like any other anime convention I’ve been too so far, this one was no different to the other as you would expect the usual like cosplays, gaming, stallholders, fanart and artist’s etc.
Considering it’s my first time here, I was pretty excited. The event began last year but I didn’t attend because I didn’t find out about until last month after the Supanova event. I’m glad I found out sooner because I would have missed this year as well if I didn’t.

The event started at 10am but I didn’t get there until 10.15am because the buses were running a bit late. When I arrived, I managed to meet up with my otaku/blogger buddy M12. I managed to identify him by his “Gaming Idiot” t-shirt. Seeing him wearing the t-shirt was hilarious. lol

Well, we spent the first few hours walking around the Roundhouse and seeing what good stuff there was to buy. There wasn’t many that caught my interest. Most of the stallholders were selling a range miscellaneous items ranging from anime gashapon to plushes to DVDs to trading cards and manga. Most of the stallholders were mainly fanarts and small community groups making their own items and trying sell to them. As for figure stallholders, there was hardly any except 1 but they sell mostly nendoroids but from what I can see, they look like bootlegs judging by the price and pieces of the nendoroids found scattered throughout the box. There was a few legitimate ones found scattered throughout other stallholders but they were expensive and I wasn’t interested in them anyway. Looks like the figma trend hasn’t  made it here yet. -_-

Note: Some photo’s may look crappy as my camera doesn’t take great shots under low light. I’m still working on how to reconfigure that as I’m still a camera beginner. T_T

Karaoke Room
Karaoke Room
Left side of the Roundhouse
Left side of the Roundhouse
Center of the Roundhouse (looks like the artist comp. is on)
Center of the Roundhouse (looks like the artist comp. is on)
Right side of the Roundhouse
Right side of the Roundhouse
Cosplay Gathering Room
Cosplay Gathering Room
Artist Area
Artist Area
Doodling on the big screen
Doodling on the big screen
This one got talent if u ask me. ^^
This person already a pro if u ask me. ^^
Some people fanart on the wall.
Some people fanart on the wall.
Just one of my fav.
Just one of my fav.

While we were doing our walk, we saw the maids girls and ‘guy’ outside preparing for the maid cafe. ZOMG, the MAID cafe. I could tell, M12 was getting all hyped up about it. We decided to come back after the cosplay event as it will be less busy. Till then we look a few snaps of the group.

Note: To view full-size, just click on the image.

At 12pm, I signed up for the Super Smash Brothers Brawl competition. There were 3 rounds and the 4th round will be a decider between the 2 finalist. I won the 1st round out of the first 4 players. When it came to the 2nd round, I came second and I was unsure if I made it to the 3rd round. I asked the comp. representative but he didn’t give me a direct answer so I left the gaming room. I will explain why at the end.

I meet up with M12 again for the cosplay event. They auctioned a fanart book first before the event. The starting bid was $15AUD and it got sold for $205AUD. I thought it was crazy because it’s just a scrapbook with random artwork drawn by random people around Australia. Still, some of the artwork looks pretty good and some of the artists could be pro. in the next few years making profits of their work.
Throughout halfway of the event, I left due to the fact it was boring. There wasn’t many skits and I couldn’t get a good shot of the cosplayer. Even though I was still sitting at the front, the props (lighting equipment) was in the way and most of the shots I’ve already took before the cosplayer even went on stage and they were closer and better because the lighting and the angle was right.

Here are a few cosplayers on stage
Note: As already mentioned, due to poor lighting and a crappy camera, I’ve already took better photo’s of them towards the end of my post.

Alex Row from Last Exile
Miria in Claymore
Miria from Claymore
Haruhi and Konata dance in one

Here is his EPIC dance. He won the Karaoke comp. I think

Curiosity to M12 for the video.

A Caramelldansen dance by X-Seven Studios. Just watch it and ask questions later.

Again, curiosity to M12 for the video.

At around 4pm, I met up with M12 again at the MAID cafe. It was less busy during that time and we got a table pretty quickly. The cafe was big and spacious and as predicted, maids were running around serving their masters. I had a slice of a Taro cake and M12 had a sparkling bottle of lemonade. There was this incident where one of the maids refused to call M12 “gosujin-sama”.At that moment, I saw a bit of M13 coming out but I managed to hold him back. Later on he started to talk H-scenes. I told him to “keep it real” but then I saw this pretty one walked pass and for a second, I felt like playing around with her but I told myself to “keep it real”. Talking about H-scenes in a maid cafe is a big “NO”. Weird shit comes to your mind. @_@
Still, I managed to get a photo with her. Curiosity to M12 for taking the photo. ^^d

That's me and 'my' maid. xD
That’s me and ‘my’ maid. xD

Also, this is the first time I’ve put myself into my blog.  So yeah, I look like a geek. :D

At the end of the day, we both wrapped up by taking a last walk around the Roundhouse and M12 finishing up on his interviews for his article.

Here are the rest of the cosplay photos

Natsuki and Mai from Mai Hime
Yoshi from Yoshi Island
Yoshi from Yoshi Island
The guys from Death Note.
The guys from Death Note.
Miyuki from Lucky Star
Miyuki from Lucky Star
Hina-chan from Rozen Maiden. So :3
Suigintou from Rozen Maiden
Suigintou from Rozen Maiden
Shinku from Rozen Maiden.
Shinku from Rozen Maiden.
Yin from Darker than Black. ZOMG its YIN. NOEL, IT'S YIN. XD
Yin from Darker than Black. ZOMG its YIN. NOEL, IT’S YIN. XD
Fumika from Shigofumi
Fumika from Shigofumi
That girl from Air Gear
That girl from Air Gear
Tsukasa from Lucky Star
Tsukasa from Lucky Star
Roy from FMA
Roy from FMA
Guys from Death Note. They are M12 Uni buddies.
Guys from Death Note. They are M12 Uni buddies as well.
Twilight Princess
Mida from Zelda: Twilight Princess
Twilight Princess (Backside)
Mida from Zelda: Twilight Princess (Backside)


A happy maid. xD

A happy maid. xD

I took this shot while M12 was interviewing Kidchan. ^^

Overall, it was a pretty fun day but the event in general was disappointing. There was a lot of hype about the event but I thought they didn’t deliver. I heard last year was better than this year by a long way but I don’t know as I didn’t go to last year one.

One of the disappointing factors was the gaming competition. If you remember, I left the comp. when they weren’t sure if I made it to the 3rd round or not. Well, I thought the comp. was poorly organised and the delays for each round was very unnecessary. I think they didn’t anticipate how many people were gonna sign up for the competition.  When I won the 1st round, I had to wait for over an hour for the 2nd as names were called and they didn’t attend. This added the extra delay as the comp. representative were willing to give them a 2min waiting time. Also, the 2nd round consist of 3 players instead of 4 and more people made it to the 2nd because there were many players tied 3rd and if you are ranked 1st, 2nd or 3rd, you auto. go into the 2nd round. To makes things quicker, they should have only the 1st and 2nd rank go into the 2nd round.

Another disappointing factor was the cosplay event on the main stage. To be honest,  I haven’t been to a dull cosplay event at any convention and I’m sorry to say, this was the first. They had generic music playing in the background unlike the anime related music for that character or series the cosplayer is from and the crowd needs to be asked to clap and cheer almost everytime the next cosplayer is walking up. I think the generic music contributed to this factor. I thought other reasons included the host. I thought the host from Animania was better and there weren’t enough skits to keep the crowd entertained.
Just some of the reasons why I left halfway through the event.

If you ask me now if I will be attending next year event, I will say “NO”. Later down the track when it get’s closer, I might change my mind as Sydney doesn’t get a lot of conventions overall. Attending anyone of them, I consider it as a special occassion no matter how good or crappy it is because it’s not often where you see otakus, anime and gaming fans and artist unite as one. ^_^


8 Responses to "Sydney SMASH! 2008"

Wow what an informative review. Yeah, I agree with what you say. Hopefully next years’ will be better. The first one was better than this.

haha, lol.
Seems like it wasn’t all that great, but it’s good that you still had fun.

The best bit was the maid cafe, the gosujin-sama and h-scenes were pretty hilarious. Good thing they didn’t throw you out. XD

Also, you look frozen solid on your photo.. XD
Trying to hide a smile? xD

xD Dec-san was just feeling shy with his maid, that’s why he looked frozen. xD
I liked the maid cafe bit too. ^^ Maybe that maid who refused to say goshujin-sama was a tsundere.. xD
and lol@talking about H-scene. @_@ Really. good thing they didn’t threw both of you out.. xD

Aww~ you didn’t enjoy it that much?

I think I preferred this year because I knew more people from the committee and the artist circle this time around.

SMASH! is mostly artist-centric, the tables are a lot more cheaper than what you’d find at Supanova, Animania etc.

Kidchan is so cute~, lol. She’s got a huge following on Deviantart.com and most of her stuff, if not all, was sold out by the end of the day (her artbook was definitely sold-out, I went past to see just before I left).

You heading to Animania later this month? I’ll keep an eye out for you if you do… managed to run into Fonzler from DC, he had on a black Shana t-shirt =D

Ah and yeah, finally managed to get the first part of my report up ^^;;

yoo gazza my man xD
sorry it took me awhile to get to read ur SMASH report post, lol.
but here i am, and sorry to hear that it wasn’t all that good,from the photos u took i also dont think it was all that hurrah good. all that’s important is u had fun, didnt ya? especially at that meido cafe…. i know eventho u said no to M12 about thinking H-scenes at the cafe, but i know u well enough that u were also thinking the same way as him! LOL. dont deny it xD~~

YIN! there’s YIN!omagod. ur awesome for taking one pic of her. lol (^_^)d

PS: u look good with that maid of “yours” xD~

Hopefully but it was fun as u were there. xD

Haha, not frozen but a bit stiff and awkward by the moment. I didn’t know why even though I wanted the photo badly.

Hey there Yurie-Hime. Glad to see u here. ^^
Nah, they wouldn’t throw us out. We were laughing with them. xD

Maybe I expected too much from it because of the hype but overall, it was a disappointed. Maybe this is related to the price. As it was cheap to be at the event, I shouldn’t expected too much.
I will be attending both days at Animania so if ur wearing something fancy, let me know and I will spot u out. I will try wearing my star wars t-shirt if it’s not cold. ^^

No I wasn’t. I’m telling the truth. :P
lol, I look like a geek and in medio cafe. xD

[…] I will be meeting up with M12 and hopefully with Koshiko as well on one of those days. Just like SMASH!, I will be providing some coverage so look forward to it sometime next […]

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