Just another Goodie box

Posted on: August 5, 2008

Just another package from HLJ that arrived yesterday. Hmmm… it seems I’m getting at least 1 package on a weekly basis. Just so you know, most of my preorders were released from the past 2 months and even though I canceled a few of them before the officially release date, I always feel regretful if I don’t place it back into my order. Most of the time, I usually sleep on it to get rid of this regretful guilt feeling but when I see people owning them, that regret comes back. >_<

Do you feel regretful when you cancel one of your preorders? Will you place it back in your “GET LIST” soon?

These 2 are just some of them.

  • 1/8 Holo by Kotobukiya
  • figma Nanoha Barrier Jacket Version by Max Factory

I fell in love with Holo when I first laid eyes on her from the Wonfes 2008 (Winter) images. This was even before I started watching the series. I know the design is not the same from the anime series but I don’t care because she’s Holo ~The Wise Wolf~. I’m gonna give her an apple!. xD

As for figma Nanoha. Well, I’m a nanoha fanboy and a figma fanboy so it matches. Nuff said. ^^


13 Responses to "Just another Goodie box"

I only feel regretfull when i cancel my orders from local shops/small shops.
I think that companies like HLJ or Playasia can live without my preorders^^

I rarely cancel my preorders tough

I never cancel because it makes me feel bad :(

Take pics of Holo please :)

And YES you’re a Figma fanboy !

No I will not feel regretful, since I think things over carefully when I want to cancel. But I should start thinking things over carefully when I want to preorder, since I am not getting my deposit back from my local figures store.

No good figure of Horo is out for me so not getting any lol. WF’s resin kit for her was damn good though.

I’ve only cancelled one pre-order before because they were going to release a figure a whole month later than it’s release date was supposed to be here in other stores, so I switched stores right near the deadline of the cancellation date. Sure, I felt bad about it but I hate waiting unnecessary amounts of time.

Cancelling pre-order is bad >.>

I am interested in the Holo pvc. Hope you do photoshoots soon ^^

Never cancel before. I control my spending and get what i really² want >_<

Anyway im expecting my slow shipping figma Fate anytime this month.

i’ve only canceled preorders in cases where the ship date kept slipping and i was able to obtain the figure(s) from another source ^^;;;

i’m aware of the whole r l thing in japanese but the holo thing still weirds me out ^^; she’ll always be ホロ (ho*r*o) to me ^^;

well yeah Gaz, i think that Holo is also not quite right thats why I still dont have a Holo figure T_T; have fun playing with the figma tho, figmaboy-kun xD

I wish there was a local shop nearby so I can buy my figures directly.

I think we all feel bad if we cancel them.

Now there’s a downside to preordering figures from a local anime shop. :/

I hate waiting as well but on the upside, it saves me money and helps me manage the ones I REALLY want.

Will try and get one done by early next week.

I’m in the same boat as u. Won’t get Fate until next week. T_T

Holo will always be my “spicy-wolf”. xD

Get her, I know u want to. :D

ooooh jealous I need to get the nanoha figure! so pretty!! and I have to finish watching nanoha lol only watched the first season.

Duuuude you get stuff from HLJ like every week!!! How do you pay? Paypal? Credit Card?

And 2 weeks ago?? It was still in stock…. gah I really hope they didnt just forget to update the page….

ask yourself. do u regret more buying something or regret more not buying something? choose carefully my friend.

She not as popular as expected so he availability should be good unlike Fate. ( Nanoha fanboy right here xD)

I use Credit. It’s quicker and more efficient.
For ur sake, I hope not.

it depends on my fetish on particular figures especially characters that i like.

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