What’s in the box? 5

Posted on: August 1, 2008

Hint: According to Danny, she is edible, one of the SOS Brigade members, figma. xD

figma Mikuru Asahina by Max Factory

As mentioned in my previous post, I was expecting a few packages to arrive this week. Luckily I wasn’t disappointed by the delay as one of them arrived today. She looks adorable through the box and I can’t wait to open it up and play with her, mess with her and eat her. :P
With her in my hands, that completes the first figma Haruhi set. I can’t wait to get figma Ryoko and Tsuruya where they are scheduled to be release in October (Ryoko) and November (Tsuruya).


13 Responses to "What’s in the box? 5"

Okay, I want it!!!!!!!!!
I so want it!!!!!!!!!

Oh Mikuru; I like :3.

i love fignma mikuru’s crying face so much. ^^;

“play with her, mess with her and eat her”

If i wouldnt know that this is connected to Dannys Post id be VERY scared^^

So when is Mikuru going to be violated by Haruhi?

Japan trip is not that far away.

Wow, first comment to be approved instantly. Usually they all go in the spam box. lol

I love it too. It makes her so vulnerable.

I don’t recall that’s connected in anyway. It’s my post and I don’t steal phrases unless I quote it and link back to the original source.
I write sentences in my own words. ^^

aww a figma :o i’m so surprised !


XD Figma looks so fun to play it. Makes me want to buy my first figma ever.

Wow nice loot optic mmmm Mikuru I really want her:( lucky:P

I can’t wait till Tsuruya comes out,She’s at the top of me list^^

Show more pictures of Mikuru>:O ^-^ :D

Gaz, its scary if u really ate her D:

oops sorry it seems you misunderstood my comment! Nevermind i didnt mean that you steal phrases.
Must be my engrish^^

so cute~ do want!

btw, how’d you find SMASH? =o

its pretty predictable now. lol

Welcome Saku, hope u enjoy ur stay.
They are cheap and very fun to play with. Like I say to anyone, u won’t regret it. ^^

She’s selling out quick so get her before it’s impossible to find her.

Dentist is the will be a good place to go if i did. xD

No offense taken. Everybody makes mistakes once in a while. We’re human so it’s natural.

Will let u know in my coverage post. Should be up by Tuesday night the latest.

btw bro, i have upgraded to a new blog http://gordonator.com
will be great if u can update your blogroll. thanks. ^^;

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