Brought down by a cold.

Posted on: July 29, 2008

Just letting u guys and gals know that I have fell ill to a common disease. It is no other than the flu. >_<

Firstly, if you haven’t seen me around in your blog lately posting “interesting” comments to your “interesting” posts, I will get around to it in the next few days. I want to be a part of your community as much as you are a part of mind. All figure reviews and other misc. news has been halted except for “Goodie boxes” post. When I receive them, the post goes up. I want to ensure you all know the goodies continue to come in no matter what. Thinking about it, there should be a few boxes arriving this week. xD

Secondary, I’m trying to get better asap so I can attend Smash! this weekend. It will be my first time there so I want to see what’s it like. In additional, I will be meeting up with M12 so I’m sure it will be fun. If any other Sydney bloggers or commentors are attending, please let me or M12 know. It will be great to meet you face to face. The more the merrier. ^^

That’s it for now. Hopefully I will be back to my usual routine by next week.


13 Responses to "Brought down by a cold."

aww , take care and feel better soon :(

and say hi to M12 kun for me please , he’s my love (L) :p

The flu at this time of year is no surprise. But hopefully you’ll get better in time for SMASH.

I hope that your feeling better soon!

I’m sorry that you’re not feeling well. I found your blog to day and it’s pretty cool. Get well soon and enjoy Smash!

So the famous Figma Doctor has fallen victim to something so common like a flu?
I hope you get well soon!

Get well soon!!!!!!
If your going to an event called Smash!
Be sure have some coverage!!!!!!

dude, u better get better soon, or i’ll have to send u some “doctor-prescriptioned-syringe” onto your front door. xD hahahaha

Get well soon

Get well soon K Optic,don’t want to go to SMASH all sick n stuff,that really wouldn’t be an enjoyable event for you,so get better so you can enjoy the con 100%,friend:)

Aww~ well… if you’re not ok by Saturday, I’ll have a clue as to who to look for xD;;
No no, I’d rather you be healthy =o

Drink lots of water and keep warm!

He is TDOMJ. Everyone loves him. xD

@Adun, Nomad, gordon
I’m feeling better already. Thanks. ^^

Welcome, hope u enjoy ur stay.
be sure to drop again as there will be more updates soon.

Even doctors can be careless. I’m not superman. xD

I hope my camera doesn’t screw up this time. T_T

dude, ur killing me instead of curing me. xD

Welcome, hope u enjoy ur stay.
Thanks. ^^

I didn’t realise u have a blog. Will check it out.
I will make sure I’m not a walking disease. ^^

Water is good. I’m having at least 2 bottles a day including fresh juice.
I don’t think i will stand out that much. :D

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