More Haruhi Figures

Posted on: July 19, 2008

Lacking Haruhi figures or you just never found the one that you really like, well maybe these 2 may interest you. They were announced fairly recently and already, they are up for preorder at Hobby Search.

  • Name: Suzumiya Haruhi ~Beach Side Version~
  • Scale: 1/7
  • Scheduled release date: November 2008
  • Price: 5,800
  • Manufacturer: Kotobukiya

  • Name: Suzumiya Haruhi ~Uniform Version~
  • Scale: 1/8
  • Scheduled release date: November 2008
  • Price: 5,800
  • Manufacturer: Alter

More images can be found at Hobby Search.

I’ve have decided to get both. For the looks of things, my wallet is gonna do it tough. T_T


8 Responses to "More Haruhi Figures"

I’ll get both XD

oh wow Gaz. you’re getting both? I dont think they’re better than the Max’s one xD but its your call, more work for more money for more figs, isnt that right? :D
As for me, I’m not getting any of the two ^^;

I like the second one better. In fact, it looks like one of the best Haruhi figurines I’ve seen. Not that I have one, or particularly need one XD.

Too much Haruhi…
My brain is on Haruhi overload…
Still, nice figs!!!!!!

Same here. xD

well the reason i’m getting both is:
– I love 2 two-piece figures. Add Haruhi in it and its an instant WIN!!!
– Alter one offer a more dynamic pose compared to Max one

U will thank me when I can tempt u in one, one day. xD

The Haruhism is BIG!!!

Uniform Haruhi~
It’s pretty different to her usual ‘pointing’ pose, very cute~ definitely more dynamic as you say

I wouldn’t get beach side Haruhi though. that’s just too much Haruhi for me xD;;

already pre-ordered bikini haruhi. to the beach we will go when she arrives. ^^

That’s one of the reasons why i’m getting her. As for beach side Haruhi… well, I have a ‘thing’ for two piece. xD

I’m looking forward it. ^^

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