What’s in the box? 3

Posted on: July 17, 2008

Hint: Comes packaged with a DS game, it’s a nendoroid. magical girl, Yuki-chan is a stuffed animal who can talk xD

Nanatsuiro Drops Nendoroid pack
(Note: Not the official name)

Received this on Tuesday morning but I didn’t find time to post until tonight. She is just one of a very few nendoroid I wanted. It’s a pity she comes bundled with a game as I think she would sell well anyway even on its own. The only reason I bought it was for the nendoroid. She is just so kawaii, its irresistible to say no.
As you already know, I got her at Play-asia for $50 US, a discount of $30 US but now, with Play-asia 25% off summer sale, she is even cheaper than ever, so grab it before she is gone for good. You better hurry as there is only 3 days left (from this time of posting) and at this price, its worth it, even though you don’t understand the game, like the game or own a DS. xD
In addition, it also came with a goodie box containing:

  • 2 posters
  • a postcard
  • a school calendar (started last month and continues on for the next 12 months)
  • an extra DS cover
  • a star pin badge
  • a page of stickers


9 Responses to "What’s in the box? 3"

Waiii~! just finished watching this a few weeks ago, so cute~
You have to scan the calendar, stickers and postcard >=D

Definitely worth buying even without the game at the current special price =o Except I totally broke at the moment orz

The series was okay. I would have dropped it if Sumo wasn’t that kawaii. ^^

Aww you bought her (L)

I paid the high price , now at the price she is now , it’s a must buy !

I’ll love to see an outdoor photoshot of her ;)

whoaaa, nice Gaz, u got it finally! a nendo Sumomo is <3 xD

WHY YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really wanted this one!!!!!!!
It comes with a nendoroid…that is super kawaii!!!!!!!!

Nice. I like getting a collection of items from just one title.

I will keep that request in mind. ^^

Yes lol. I told u I will get her no matter what. xD

She’s still available at play-asia. Get her before she’s gone.

No doubt, some of the best goodies at this price.

the pillow is insanely cute. i think this is going to be another case where a figure seduces me into another game/manga/light novel/anime…

OMG KAWAII Love Sumomo…. so very cute….. If I had the chance to get her, even in the bundle, I probably would lol. I could try the game at least.

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