Infantry Sara Werec

Posted on: July 16, 2008

1/8 scale Sara Werec by Kotobukiya & Chrono Gate

Another beautiful winter’s day today so that means another figure shoot and the next one to go under the spotlight is Sara Werec from the anime series “Soukou no Strain” by Chrono Gate.

I acquired this figure from Play-asia during my early figure collecting days. Back then I was hungry for figures and I was finding figures from series where I either truly loved the series and/or love the characters from the series. Till this day, I still follow that rule to ensure I don’t go buying just any “random” figure regardless how good looking it is but now, considering I’m on a steady income, sticking to that rule is hard. I already broke it a few times by getting Char and Rize from the Shuraki series. T_T

As already mentioned, she is produced by Chrono Gate. I’m not too familiar with the group myself but I know its a collaboration project between them and Happinet and I reckon the actual production kit is in fact Kotobukiya just by looking at it. On the figure box, it states all 3 names so that’s telling me they were all involved in the project and considering Kotobukiya is one of the well know figure production companies, I’m sure they did the kit.

As my first figure from them, I would say they did a pretty decent job. The sculpt was good and the paintwork was okay. A few flaws I picked out are little paint dots on her hair and tiny little black dots all over the figure. They are not visible when viewing from a distance but when you look close enough, you can pick them out easily.

My main reason in getting her was because I loved the series. It is still one of my favourite series ever and even after watching it twice, I am still not bored of it. From the start to finish, there was never a dull moment. Episode 1 was explosive and after that, you will be grasping for more and more until the very end. I highly recommend you all to check out if you haven’t because its well worth watching. I’m happy Funimation has licensed it because I know (hoping) they will do a good job on the dubs and the quality.

Here’s the shoot

She is screwed in on to her base.

Aren’t those eyes beautiful? xD

Yay for “white” pantsu. xD

This time my background is the open space of my backyard. I focused more on my angle shots instead of ensuring my background remains consistent.
Overall, I’m pretty pleased with the result.

If anyone is interested in getting her I would suggest ebay because she’s completely gone from most online hobby stores.


11 Responses to "Infantry Sara Werec"

I didn’t know she was available in figure !

I just watched the show last month , it was awesome ! Best first episode ever !

I’m so going to try to find her :)

Great pics and lucky you for outdoor pics , it’s always great to do that :)

While many disliked the anime series – I loved it.

the base looks interesting. what is that pink thingy?

Oh so you follow my “no random figurines” rule. I haven’t broken it… yet.

nice outdoor shots :)

haven’t watched the series tho, but she’s sure lovely

Nice shoot!!!!!
Another outdoor one I see!!!!!
Nice job!!!!!!
Sara is cool as usual!!!!!!!

nice figure, and may check out the anime later.

beautiful winter day huh? envy… it is very hot over here ^^;

Agree. Still by far the best 1st ep. to date.
If ur interested, her rival Lottie is still available at HLJ.

Welcome Danny. I’m happy to see u here. ^_^
I don’t why many ppl don’t like it. It is still a very very good series. ^^

That a piece of her strain, a weapon machine she rides to fight her enemies.

Let me know when u have. xD

Thanks. There series is highly recommended. U won’t be disappointed.

Thanks. I wish she was cooler in the series. T_T

I hate winter but I love summer.

I love winter best~ Gives me an excuse to wear scarves and stockings x3

Speaking of which… Sara looks a lil cold D= lol~
The shots from 2321 and onwards are the best of the bunch especially 2321 & 2322. The one with the best light has to be 2324, very soft~

Did you take these in the morning or in the late afternoon? I can’t tell

Very nice~ Definitely an improvement over the last 2 I’ve seen ;D

Thanks koshiko. ^_^
Shot 2321 is my favourite shot. This time I really tried to get it right.
These were taken during the afternoon. I will try and do a morning shoot someday to see if it makes any difference. I just need to be bothered to get out of bed early. xD

Awesome pics there Gaz xD

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