Is this the best Haruhi Petit set?

Posted on: July 14, 2008

Nendoroid Petit The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya #3

Just doing my daily checkups on Mikatan blog when I saw this. I was like “ZOMG GET!!!”. I don’t know why but I love this set more than the pass 2 previous sets. Maybe its because of their costumes like they do look super uber cute in their rock-star outfits and, what looks like to be airline uniforms (correct me if I’m wrong).
According to Tokimeki mall the retail price is 6,000 Yen and its scheduled to be released on September 2008.

I hope online stores have it up for preorder soon unless its another Japan exclusive which I hope is not. I’m still scratching the details from this announcement.
More images can be found via mikatan blog.

Note: I think the scret figure is MIkuru (again) but I can’t confirm.

Update: They are the battleship outfits from the  game in the series. Thanks to Nomad for updating me. ^^


10 Responses to "Is this the best Haruhi Petit set?"

ooooh i love this set and really want it too but im not sure which i would choose out of that or this one – http://tsuki-board.fr/figure.php?mode=view&id=2040

hehe and its not air-line outfits its their battleship outfits when they were playing that game with the computer guys ^_^

Thanks Kate. I haven’t rewatched the series for a while now and I just start a few weeks ago.
That swimset set is a Japan exclusive and the best way for us to get it is via ebay. >_<

The best part is, they wore gekisou costume which is great. The worst part is, itsuki and kyon face are weird.

Agree with Sonic, Kyon and Itsuki’s face look weird, lol, but Kyon looks fine in the uniform one.
I’d be happy with just Haruhi in her rock outfit, she looks so cool~ x3

from what i’m reading it looks like this set is also a tokimeki mall/circle k sunkus exclusive. -_- bah, maybe they’ll have a more accessible release in the future? /onegai shimasu

Whee, more Haruhi figures. I wonder if they’ll ever run out of ideas.

guitar haruhi and yuki are moe!

Any nendos I want!!!!!!!
I want rock Haruhi!!!!!!!!
Wait I want the rocker versions of everyone!!!!!!

@sonic & koshiko
Two weird faces won’t stop me from getting it. xD

I’m finding it hard to accept but it looks like it is. T_T

About Haruhi, NEVER!!!

True. ^^

I want them all, just like you xD

T_T I SERIOUSLY WANT THEM GAZ. Lets see if Empire Toys can order it for me. xD

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