Flame Haze Shana

Posted on: July 7, 2008

1/8 scale Shana by Max Factory

Today was my day off and it was a beautiful sunny day as well so I decided to do another figure shoot outdoors. I’m starting to like doing figure shoots outside because the sunlight and the natural environment makes my photos look good and considering I have a big backyard, I should use that to my advantage. ^^

She calls herself the “Flame Haze” but we know her as Shana. She is the only Shana figure I have because it is the only one that I liked. There were others out there wearing seifuku and bikini versions but they didn’t catch my eye because I was waiting for a “Flame Haze” version and I must thank Max for giving us one. I preordered her instantly when she was up at HLJ and it was worth every cent.

As usual from Max, they did an awesome job on the figure. A few areas I wanted to point out are the hair, sword, pendant, eyes and seifuku. The details on those areas are fantastic and the paint job is very good. My favourite area is her hair because it looks gorgeous and I love how the colour changes from red to red-orange to orange-yellowish from half-way all the way to the end of each strand. It’s exactly (if not, almost) the same colour from the series.

As for the series, first season was okay. I thought the battles were kind of dull, the storyline was weak and the relationship between Yuuji and Shana didn’t really connect. The second season was awesome. One of the best sequels I have ever watched. I wanted more action and a more solid storyline and I thought they delivered. I can still remember ep. 20 & 21 from second season. My god, those 2 episodes was the best episodes EVER. Pure AWESOMENESS!!! Destructive Blade, Sabrac is without a doubt the coolest villain EVER!!! If you haven’t watched Shakugan no Shana, I do recommend to check it out. You won’t regret it. ^_^

Oops, it looks like I got myself sidetracked again. The only flaw I found were tiny black spots on the corner of her hair where the strands separates out, not on the hair. I’m suggesting this is a production flaw and considering its minor, it’s barely visible.

For cast-off ability, only her skirt is cast-offable, so don’t expect too much from her ‘sexy body’. xD

oh yeah, not afraid to show it off in the outdoors. xD

Compared to the photo, it looks more ‘green’ than ‘white’.

Alastor like seeing shana in her pantsu. lol

If you got one, I would say your lucky because she sold out like after a week or so when she was officially released. She’s pretty hard to find nowadays and most online stores don’t have her anymore, so the best alternative place is ebay but beware of bootlegs.


11 Responses to "Flame Haze Shana"

I like the scenery you chose. The sun rays filter through the leaves, lighting the figure nicely :D.

Very nice usage of sunlight. I like that kind of hair, i also have Shana Candy bikini with that kind of hair, and i think that’s cool.

Great outdoor shots Optic! Gotta love that sunlight on her hair. XD

Pretty awesome pics !

still not the Shana i want , they can do better with the character :(

i agree with you , the 20-21 of Shana are maybe the best episodes i saw in any shows , was so awesome ! so bad the first 10 episodes were really bad and the ending was a total failure … but it’s only my opinion ^^

been looking for a shana figure for a while now… was considering this one but it was almost $80usd at the store i found it at orz.

hmmm ep 20 and 21…*checks wikipedia to jog memory* good stuff indeed, although i guess i like more of the relationship focused episodes (galge influences overpowering ^^;)

***spoiler alert***

so in the end… were those footprints that suddenly cut off in the snow supposed to represent kazumi extinguishing herself by using the hougu to call upon pheles? i can’t remember if it was one set of footprints or two at this point… and i may have totally misunderstood things because i didn’t bust out my dictionary nearly enough ^^;

…agh and i want to read the novels to see how the original story goes… have haven’t started the first out of the 16+ books yet though orz

An outdoor shoot!!!!!!
Nice job!!!!!!
It’s a really good job. This Shana figure is really nice…
Great pics!!!

I wasn’t gonna choose Shana for the outdoor shoot but it turned better than expected.

I was planning to get the candy bikini version as well but I thought one is enough.

Thanks. ^^

Indeed those 2 ep. was the best but the ending wasn’t a completely failure IMO. I thought they rushed it, that’s all.

I can’t really remember the details to be honest. Even though it was a rushed ending, it felt incomplete. Signs for a season 3 maybe? ^_^

I think most of my shoot will be outdoors now.

Nice one u took there Gaz, loved the b/g image u choose srsly. Well done taking out Shana’s goodness with a nice b/g :D

Very nice~ a bit more variety in angles and close-up would’ve have been great, but it doesn’t take away from the awesomeness of this figure, hehe~

Alastor’s the pendant right? I don’t follow the series ^^;;

Thanks dude. ^^

I knew something was lacking. I will keep that into consideration for my next shoot.
Yes, he is the pendant.
U should watch it, its good. ^^d

nice photos :D

nice glare effect from the sun :)

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