Figure site (Tsuki-board)

Posted on: July 6, 2008

I found this site via Dannychoo and Koi Aichaku a while back and I must say, its a pretty neat database site in keeping track of the latest figures being released and letting people know in the forums how many figures you have collected and what are they. In addition, you can post your figure photos and talk about figures in general with other members like any other regular forum.

The figure database is updated almost everyday and new features are being implemented regularly to improve the userability and to make the layout more user-friendly.

I feel they still need to improve on some areas but so far, it’s a good start. As for figure collectors, sign up and enjoy. ^^

Here’s a general overview on how many and what I have so far.

Username: optic
(There are 2 missing so far as the database is still not up-to-date yet.)

And btw, my “Profile” page is up. Enjoy reading. ^^


5 Responses to "Figure site (Tsuki-board)"

I have a tsuki account as well, I love it, althought my collection is very little ^_^
I think I even left you a comment a while ago lol.

you can add figures yourself ya know! i love having the site to keep track of my stuff so i added erika when i finally secured her.

I can see ur figure collection growing. Stopping is hard, I know. ^^

I like sites where I can keep track of stuff. That’s why I have a myanimelist account as well.

I have the bare minimum, not sure if they’re even official figures (I got them from my brother) I signed up anyhow, might find the ones I do have, lol

I am there too, under Panther as well. Got my collection up there, meh.

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