Zero no Tsukaima Visual Collection: My Impressions

Posted on: July 5, 2008

After work yesterday night, I went to my local Kinokuniya bookstore at “The Galeries Victoria” on George Street to see if they had the latest Megami issue released yet. Considering it was only a 15min walk from my workplace, it was very convenient so I make a trip there almost twice every month to pick up the latest Megami edition and to see what new magazines they have available. Unfortunately it wasn’t released this week so I will make a trip back next week to grab it.

When I was just about to leave, this artbook caught my eye instantly. Ok, first things first, I DON’T collect artbooks as I find they are a waste of money. Indeed the art work is great but after a few flicking through, they get stored away, catching dust so I rather spend my money on more games, figures or even more coffee to keep me alive during the day. Megami magazine is an exception but I will talk about that at a later time.
The reason I got this is because it came with something special where I will mention near the end.

As my first official artbook, I can say I’m pretty impressed with the overall outcome. I feel the Megami team did an awesome job putting together all the best artworks featuring Louise and her gang. This visual collection covers both artworks from Season 1 and 2 and a majority of them featured are from the original Megami magazines and posters from the past volumes. So if you have been collecting the past couple of volumes during the time when Season 1 and 2 was airing or soon to be aired, then there is a good chance you already have the posters and the artworks from the volume but from the visual collection, the upside is, there is no text. It’s like a high quality picture book.

An insight below (for pleasure viewing purposes xD)

Now that’s my sexy louise ^^

The goodie that came with the artbook and the main reason why I bought it was because it came with a  70cm pop up display ‘figure’ of Louise in a maid cafe outfit. At first, I thought it came with a towel but considering I can’t read japanese, I had to ask the reception just to make sure. ^^
In addition in wearing the maid outfit, she is also blushing and showing off her… well I will just let the photos do the explaining. lol

Will you get tired seeing her pantsu everyday? :P

For $AUD48, I thought it was worth it. If it came with another goodie, I would have got it as well but with no goodie, I reckon it won’t be worth it considering I already have all the original artworks from the featured articles and posters from their volumes.
If your interesting in getting one, Local readers, I would suggest to drop by Kinokuniya as I recall from last night, they still have around 5 left. Everyone else or incase its sold out by the time you get there, Jlist is another option.


14 Responses to "Zero no Tsukaima Visual Collection: My Impressions"

I went to Kinokuniya last night, too. It makes me wonder; maybe we actually bumped into each other, and don’t even realise!

Anyway, yeah, nice book =D.

Next time, wear a “Moe Justice” shirt so I can tell. lol

I wish I was 15 mins walk from Kinokuniya. But then I’d probably be more broke than usual if that was the case.

Optic. You probably said that as a joke. Little do you know that I really do have a Moe Justice shirt. Adun knows all about that.

I’m about 15 mins walk from Kino. That’s why I’m living in the streets right now XD.

I want something like this.
Hard to get official ones, since some fake artbooks just look as good.
Still, it’s really nice!!!


Also, I need to get one.

I think I can see that happening. lol


Kinokuniya will never sell anything non-legitimate. That’s why they are one of the most trusted bookstore in the world.

I might have bumped into u as well. lol
Hurry, there’s only a few left.

ooh nice, If i ever bought an art book I think I would be too tempted to rip them out and stick them on my walls >_<

HAHA. I had that idea in my mind as well but that will ruin the point of having an artbook. ^^
btw, ur my 100th comment. xD

YAY 100th comment, that somehow makes me feel special lol >_<

yeah it would ruint he art book, and I probably wouldnt but I think the temptation would be to much. lol.

mmm nice. man i wish i was 15 min from kinokuniya… for me it’s a 30 min trek from home… from work… well i guess there’s another one that’s 15-20 min from work, but that puts me 45 min from home ;_;

i remember seeing that louise bikini pic in… hime? megami? one of those magazines danny mentioned a while back. ii ne~ that reminds me i should start watching rondo…

congratz. I wouldn’t have noticed if I didn’t catch an eye on my comment stats.

Yep, it was in a Megami edition but I forgot which one.

LoL, it was but i forgot which ed it was as well….but it was a take-out poster, thicker than normal posters. I have it on my wall atm, the bikini louise xD

Gaz, omg you are so tempting me to get one of them >_<
the pop up display….GAWD. I won’t be able to get out of my room if thats the case lol.

Takes me an hour to get to the city orz.
Still made it there on Saturday though, had to buy something on special or else I’d feel bad, lol~ Also got a Kino member card, it’s so sparkly~ *o*

Nice buy~ though not for me, lol, I only have one artbook and it’s the one for HanaKimi x3; The maid outfit looks nice, but I’d prefer it without the ‘bonus view’ lol

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