What’s in the box? 2

Posted on: July 4, 2008

Hint: action figure, has the power to make people obey orders, second season is currently airing. ^^

figma Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Note: There are no prizes for guessing the correct answer. It’s merely just for fun.
I just wanted to confirm that. xD

It’s been a long day so I will keep it short.  I received this package on Wednesday morning but I was dead tired when I got home after work so I couldn’t update it until tonight.

I love figmas and this was in my “WANT LIST” for a while now. As for the series, I’m still currently at episode 8 from the first season. Yes, I know, I’m super slow but I’m taking my time. I read a lot of comments where Season 2 is crap. True? Either way I’m still looking forward to the whole series.

He is from the 2nd shipment received at HLJ as they had him “backordered” for a while now. Looking at their current status, they still have him “backordered” so if you order now, there is a chance you may still get him.

Expect a review later on down the track. ^^

Box artwork



Dam, he looks evil. @_@


11 Responses to "What’s in the box? 2"

am i the only person left in this world who didn’t watch Code Geass? ^^;

You are not alone! I havent watched it too^^

@gordon there’s two of us ^^;;

Make that three.

I like the random Tsukasa you put in there XD.

Nice, you got Lulu.
More Figma!!!!!!! Well, looks like your becoming more of a Figma collector huh!!!

Lulu~! Do want!

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll~ <3 will add you soon, lemmie catch my break first, busy busy u_u~

I watched ep 1 of code geass the other day lol! Love the figma! its on my want list also ^_^

Season 2 is awesome , just like the first one :(

But people love to bash it , don’t know why ^^

Anyway , nice buy :)

@gordon, Blowfish, meronpan & marcusl12
Wow, I’m surprised, very surprised. I still think its good overall.

Yes, a figma “FREAK” and quite proud of it. ^^

No worries. Add me anytime.

I can see ur figma collection growing already. lol

Well, everybodies taste is different. I can understand that. ^_^

second season is great but the addage of a certain thing is killing that certain thing
well at least the Knighmare’s are overpowerful

@Gordon, I havent yet lol. I will have to at some point….

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