What’s in the box?

Posted on: June 28, 2008

Take a guess. xD
Hint: 1/7 scale, wearing two-piece, lives on a “all girls” island, energetic pose, owns a pet pig and she’s ONLY 13 years old. ^^

Suzu from Nagasarete Airantou

If you guessed correctly then congratz. ^^

She arrived at my door this morning. It was love at first sight when I first laid eyes on her. I like the series and I love her a lot. Just by looking at her through the plastic, she looks gorgeous and I can’t wait to open her up and display her with the rest of my “two-piece” figures but for now, its time for me to hit the sack.
Even though it’s been a quiet day, doing 10hr shift is tiring. @_@

Box artwork




12 Responses to "What’s in the box?"

wow, really pretty.. but i like your petit nendroid Konata! *steals* hehe I need to get my hands on some lucky star figures lol.

One of the best fig EVER , nicely made and painted and the pose is awesome , you did a good thing buying her :p

Suzu needs more love (L)

(what do you think of the box ? the best for me , with the pic of the pig lol ^^)

u got to her out to the beach for a photoshoot. ^^;

just make sure chris hanson is not around. u don’t want him seeing u with a 13 years old right?

The “all girls island” part gave it away. Now, give me my reward for guessing it right >:D!!

Yeah, it’s a nice figurine.

suzu! nice touch with the sukumizu konata ^_^ ii na~ can’t wait till mine arrives.

Nice loot!!!!!!
I hope you can do a photo shoot with Suzu soon!!!!!!!
I want that figure now!!!

Thanks. Review on the Lucky Star petite set soon.

Agree, one of the best Koto figures made. Yeah, love the pig. lol

Unfortunately there is no beach close to my place. There is one near the city but I don’t have the time. I will think of something for her photoshoot. ^^
Haha, I will keep that in mind. xD

I didn’t want to make it too hard and too easy. ^^

Thanks. It’s just another of making my photo’s interesting. ^^

Will try but no guarantees.
Maybe u can find her on ur Japan trip. ^^

I like Suzu but this figure just did not cut it for me. I am still waiting for a better figure of her if any will be out. Nice catch I guess.

omg nice its finally arrived huh Gaz :D
Suzuu <3 lol at the huge pig design at the back xD

I’ll drop by now and then to leave some comments :D

I recall u saying that somewhere in DC.com. I know what u mean, everyone has a different taste.

dude, start ur own blog and show us what u got. U have twice as much as me. xD

Thanks for the comment, opticzone. And nice pics. ^^

Mind if I kindly ask for a blogroll link, will link you right back. ^^;

No worries, already added ya. ^^

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