Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière aka Louise

Posted on: June 26, 2008

1/8 scale Louise by Alter

As mentioned at the end of my last review I was planning to do figma Haruhi as my next review but looking at my storage case full of figures from the past year, I’ve decided to do a review on one of them instead. (I apologies if I caused any disappointment. I will do her at a later time.)  In time (slowly) I will be reviewing each and every one of my figures so you all know how I feel about the quality and beauty and how special each one is worth to me.

Considering today was a cold but sunny day, I’ve decided to do my shoot outside to take advantage of the sunlight. As this is my first outdoor shoot, I am always open for opinions on how I can improve my shots and ways to use the natural light effectively.

Louise (as you all may know) is from the anime series “Zero no Tsukaima”. Considering I’m not huge favourite of the character and the series itself, I bought this figure because I liked the way how she is posed and positioned. In a way she does look elegant and seductive. Even though she is a 1/8 scaled, the figure itself is rather small than most of the 1/8 scaled figure out there due to the fact she’s sitting on top of a approx. 10cm ladder.

As for the quality, flawless. Its everything you expect from Alter and from my experiences, they don’t disappoint when it comes to figures.

Pantsu shot ^^

You get the idea lol

I like the chains from the chair. They are real metal.

My favourite shot. ^^

Louise enjoying the sun. ^^

I managed to grab her at Animania last year for $50 bucks. They had 3 left and I was lucky to grab one. I’m surprised they had some considering it was discontinued at a majority of online retailers. But with conventions, they are full of surprises and you may never know what rare ranties you will find unless you go.

Not long afterwards, Alter decided to release the 1/8 Bustier version. To be honest, I would have got this version instead of the normal one but I have no regrets. Both look good in their own unique way.

If your still interested in the normal version, I would suggest to check out ebay as its literally impossible to find her on the most common online retailers.


10 Responses to "Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière aka Louise"

oooh shes soo pretty!

lovely louise :)

I want this version of louise :( which seller did you get this one from? tamarket?

great fig! on my wish list, but as you mention it’s impossible to find her at normal online vendors… and on ebay i haven’t seen her for less than 100usd ;_;

Hmm an excellent figurine :D.

Thanks. She really is. ^^

got her from Empire Toys. They have a store in Perth and they make a trip to each Animania whenever it’s on. They were at this years one on March but unfortunately I couldn’t make it.

true, those prices are ridiculous but considering she’s a rare item now, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Thank you. ^_^

The pics are great , i love the ones with the bricks background :)

original and it works well :)

wow she looks great. i checked out HLJ’s web, she’s already discontinued. orz.

Thanks. I’m just trying something different. Something unique.

discontinued ages ago, even before I got into the series.

Dude! There’s a hole at the bottom! Gotta give props to the designer for the placement of that one…

Might write them a letter to say thanks. xD
Welcome. Hope u enjoy ur stay.

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