Sydney Supanova 08 Loot

Posted on: June 23, 2008

Another year, another Supanova. Yep, its that time again where everybody gets together and enjoy a fun filled day of pop culture. As this is my 2nd Supanova, I’m surprised how much it has grown compared to 2 years ago since I first attended the event on 2006. Initially, I had plans to attend with my mate who had introduced me to this event but unfortunately he pulled out at the very last minute so that leaves me on my own at the event. Poor lonely me. T_T

Even though being alone suxs, I still had a lot of fun. I saw some great cosplays, picked up a few awesome items, briefly meet Adun and I got a hug by one of the waitresses maid from a booth. ^^

Intentionally, I had plan to do a coverage post but my camera decided to die on me on that day. Even though I managed to get it working again there was times when it didn’t flash so they look blurred when I display it on my monitor even though they look fine on the lcd screen of the camera. In general, this is my family camera for over 4 years and I’ve been searching for a new one already at a budget price. Considering my brother and sister is gonna use it as well for their leisure purposes, I’m still waiting for their input and how much they are contributing.

Ok, it looks like I went slightly off topic so for an indept coverage, I would suggest to check out Adun post on “Sydney Supanova 2008”. It was a weekend event and Part 1 and 2 on the Saturday is already up. I only attended the Saturday one.

Now on with the loot

Theses are all freebies. Free showbags and posters when I walked through the door. The Mario Kart one I got was from the EB booth and the magazines I got were from some discounted magazine store. (I can’t remember the name. There was just too many). They had a lot more posters at the EB booth but there is only so much that I can carry. lol

Jigoku Shoujo wallscroll I picked it up at the Transreality booth.

Price: $25

Aria-shachou puppet and a Toro Plush from the Dokodemoissyo series. I only got Toro because it looks cute and after checking their site, I think its based on a playstation cat SIM game.


  • Aria-shachou: $45
  • Toro: $35 (I got it for $30)

Two boxsets from the Madman booth.


  • The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: $90 (which includes the “Dan Cho” Leader Arm Band and  a special double disks edition containing all 14 episodes aired in the original Japanese TV broadcast order.)
  • Black Lagoon Season 1: $60

The only figure in my loot, the 9″ Skull Kid from the Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask by First4Figures. As one of my favourite games and villains from the series, I just had to get it. One of the owners allowed me to take a closer look at the sculpture and my gosh the detail was incredible. The paintwork was almost perfect. I walked back and forth the booth just thinking about as it was pricey for a limited edition figure of 2,500 worldwide but by the end of the day I got it. xD

Price: $130 (I got it for $120 as that guy knew I wanted it badly lol)

As for the remaining miscellaneous items


  • FMA: Conqueror of Shamballa, originally movie flyer: $5
  • Jigoku Shoujo art print: $2.50
  • Sugart.net business card: Free (I just liked the card xD)
  • Adun business card: Free (He let me choose my favourite ^^)

And that’s the wrap. Hopefully next year I will do a proper coverage of the event without any setbacks but till then, I hope you enjoyed reading it just as much I as enjoyed writing it up.


14 Responses to "Sydney Supanova 08 Loot"

Wow, seems like you had alot of fun^^
You got a nice collection of merchandise too. xD
Too bad about your camera, I would have loved to see pics at the con.
(I demand pics of you ad the maid XD )

Awesome, plushies, I’m really surprised to see a Toro Plush too. (I see the mascot alot on Japanese tv ). I would have bought it too just because it’s cute. XD

OMG i LOOOVE the Enma Ai wallscroll !

Give it to me pleaaaase (L)


Wow i love your loot!

I really wish that I went now, and I was originally going to go but I had to make a last minute payment :( which made me broke! it would have been my first con too, do you know if theres another con this year sometime?

Nice loot!!!!!!
I want your Haruhi loot. I see Black lagoon!!!!! Nice!!!!!!

Wow, I never knew it was that big in Japan.

LOL. They had 2 and I was tempted to get both.

I’m guessing u live in Sydney then. The next con will be Animania at Australian Tech. Park in August. I reckon its gonna be bigger than ever this year biggest one of the preliminary rounds of the World Cosplay Summit will be hosted here. Here’s the link: http://animania.net.au/
If ur attending, we might meet up there. ^^

Thanks. They only had a limited number of Black Lagoon boxsets and they were selling like bananas.

It was a pleasure meeting you and hopefully I can meet you again when it’s not so crowded and busy. And I see you are the one who bought the Aria-shachou puppet. Tamarket were telling me that they had one before I arrived on Saturday only but someone bought it already, lol.

Nice loot you got there.
I guess I must have missed the Jigoku Shoujo wallscroll @_@
I wants!!!
Actually the next con in sydney is smash held at UNSW on Aug 2nd. It is quite new this being its 2nd year

I hope so as well. The Aria-shachou puppet was too irresistible to pass up.

Thanks for the heads up. I had briefly heard about it but I thought it wasn’t local. I will make an effort at attend this year.

… Oh you’re in Sydney too? M12’s also there :D.

I didn’t attend Supernova. However, I’ll be going to Smash! and Animania. Will you be going to those?

We were there too – all weekend. We’ve posted some great pics on our site http://www.eegra.com – take a look!

Yep, I’m in Sydney as well. I will make an effort to go to Smash! this year depending on my schedule but definitely I will be at Animania. Hope to see u there.

@Good Folk
Nice pictures.
I like ur comment at the very end. xD

I want that Ai Enma wall scroll!!! and that Aria-shachou is cute ^^

Welcome Lsio.
Yes, I’m sure ur not the only one. ^^

Useful post. good luck.

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