Figma Saber

Posted on: June 18, 2008

Figma Saber by Max Factory


As my first review for my site, I am proud to present no other than Saber from Fate/Stay Night. As my 2nd figma, I am proud to say she looks fantastic. The details on her armor and swords is almost perfect and the soft plastic material used on her shoulder pads and in the front of her robes is very durable.

For a little action figure with so much variety and interchangeable parts, I found she was very easy to play with and fun to pose. If you are worried about the joints, don’t be. They are not as big and as visible as you may think from seeing some of the promo pictures. The leg joints are mostly tucked under her robes and the arm joints are blended in by the colour of her suit. As for the hand, well, they are well tucked in by her arm armor.

The only problem I found was attaching the figure stand on her back. It took a few twist and turns because the alignment between the holes of her chest armor from the back and her actual body wasn’t straight. Other than that, everything else was flawless.

Ok, on with the shots.






Feel Saber Wrath ^^


“You want a piece of me”




Haruhi looks cool don’t you think? xD


Coming soon: The Epic battle between Saber vs Haruhi.

Overall, I believe Max Factory delivered what people wanted, a fun action figure where quality wasn’t sacrificed. Their figma range is quickly becoming very popular and I’m looking forward for more to come. If you still haven’t got her, then I would suggest checking out Hobby Stock as they still have some available.

Next review on the agenda is Figma Haruhi by Max Factory from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. This is my 3rd figma purchase so I hope you look forward to it.



10 Responses to "Figma Saber"

I don’t like Figma a lot but still , that Saber is nicely made . The joints on this one are kinda hard to see so it’s fine :)

I do like the pics , nice job :)

Still i’ll be buying the Lucky Star Figma serie ^^

Very nice job at the photos, but you need to add more angle and position to it.

Anyway, I like Saber vs. Haruhi one and i’m looking forward for the epic battle..

i still haven’t gotten any figmas… guess i don’t play with my figures enuf to see the appeal ^^; Though if i ever do, saber would be at the top of my list – two swords, most joints obscured by armor and such… a win in my book! ^_^

Thanks. I’m highly anticipating on the LS figmas as well.

Thanks for the tip. I will keep that in mind for my next review.

when u start playing with it, u won’t regret u got it. They are too fun to pass out.

nice photos :) they show what figma excels for, the flexibility :D

I’m a pretty good fan of the Figma series. I’m waiting on my Figma Konata, Kyon, Itsuki and Mikuru. I so want to do the Hare Hare Yukai with them!!!!!!
The one I’m waiting for is the Konata Figma!!!!!!
Nice pictures for your first time. I would say use a white background, but it was your first time so I’ll save that for later.
Still, keep up the great shots!!!!!!

Looking forward to that epic battle XD

Thanks. I agree. ^^

I will keep that in mind for my next shoot. I will need to make a new setup to get that white background.

I’m still working on the storyline. ^^

[…] mentioned at the end of my last review I was planning to do figma Haruhi as my next review but looking at my storage case full of figures […]

Lol I just did this over in a recent post of my blog:


Nice. ^^

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