Banner Created

Posted on: June 16, 2008

After multiple theme changes, I reverted back to “MistyLook”. The professional look was making my site look dull even though it was neat.

On a different note, my new banner has been made. I made it at work using the latest version of GIMP. It’s pretty simple as you can see for a simple site I wanted. I might change it in the future so I will decide when the time comes.

Its been slow since I started because there has been some setbacks with family issues and the workload has been pretty hectic for theses past couple of days but I’m working on it with every chance I get. ( Even sacrificing my anime time >_< )


8 Responses to "Banner Created"

sites looking great! hope to read more soon!

congrats on your new blog. all the best and good luck. ^^;

Cool banner :)

and yes hard to keep a theme , i always try changing things ^^

Hi, and happy blogging. I guess you should stick with this theme for a little while since it’s good for the eyes.

Let’s do a link exchange. I’ve added link to your blog in my blogroll.

Thanks. ^^
I’m hoping to add more if time permits.

Thanks. ^^
I’m still learning, 1 step at a time.

Thank you. I needed to kill time from boring old work T_T
Picking a theme was hard, too many choices.

Thanks. ^^
I will see how it goes and already added ur blog in my blogroll.

NICE Site!!!!!!!!!
I would like to say, welcome to the world of blogging!!!!!!
I hope to read more posts in the near future!!!!!!!
This theme is really nice!!!!! It is more of a professional look!!!
Nice banner too!!!

Thanks ^^
I’m starting to feel that this theme is just right.

Nice banner, did you draw it? XD

So you’re alias is ‘optic’? Quite a surprise^^
Happy blogging, hope to read some interesting stuff soon. ^_^

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